April 2002
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Next Meeting: Thursday 11th April at 7:30pm
Marni Turkel "Show M
e The Plant"

This month, Marni Turkel of Stony Point Ceramic Design will present "Show Me The Plant".  Marni is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and has been growing orchids since 1980.  A hobbyist grower, she grows her orchids in two greenhouses at her home in Santa Rosa, California.  She is especially interested in cool-growing miniature species but plenty of larger plants have crept into the collection as well. Though the collection has never been counted, most guesses put it at several thousand plants  representing a wide range of genera.  Marni is the co-author with Eric Christenson of several recent articles in Orchids

Sue Fordyce's basket from the March meeting.

Magazine. Photographs of her plants have been featured in articles for the past several years in both Orchids Magazine and Orchid Digest.  A working potter for over 30 years, she owns and manages Stony Point Ceramic Design which is a small pottery firm that produces vases, orchid planters, flower arranging containers and dinnerware. 

"Show Me the Plant" is the name of her presentation and uses slides of blooming specimen plants as well as close-ups to consider the whole plant for a sense of proportion and not just the flower by itself.  She will be talking about many of her favorite plants and will cover some basic information as well as specific needs for individual plants.  Many of you have seen her plants at orchid shows and meetings, this is a chance to see the best of her collection and learn how she grows it.  

Marni will provide our raffle table, so you will want to buy plenty of tickets. 

Culture Session @ 7 PM: Juan Bofill will give a slide show on the new AOS facility in Florida

In May our very own Mike Gallagher will give a presentation on the natural habitats of Disas. Come see where Disas grow wild and learn more about their cultural needs. Hope you can join us! 


DVOS Orchid Sale April 28

You won't want to miss the DVOS Orchid sale at the Orchid Ranch 
(Fordyce Orchids)
on April 28th.   
There'll be a great selection of orchids as well as  refreshments, potting demonstrations etc.

Web Pages of the Month

OrchidSafari Chat Group - A loose conglomeration of enthusiasts from around the world. Offering chat topics by noted speakers on Wednesdays, open chat the rest of the time. Co-hosted by Kathy Barrett.

A site in Belgium calling themselves the Orchid Guide.  A really attractive site with some great pictures and a lot of useful links.

AOS Awards

Don't forget to check out AOS Awards page for our local winners. 

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