September 2001

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Next Meeting: Thursday 11th October at 7:30pm 
WEYMAN BUSSEY "Low Energy Orchids"

The title is a little misleading, but relative to reality in California not entirely a cost question, but instead a, "will there be any energy at all" question!  In Mexico they think of energy measurements in terms of the emanations from the species.  Something he might elaborate more on during the talk.  You will receive a brief psychotherapeutic introduction, asked to participate in the talk and be rewarded with floor prizes.  Donít be shy or think you donít know anything, youíll get an easy to follow handout with all of the answers in it.

The presentation will involve a short slide show of the basically easy to grow orchids which will do well in your area with a minimum of care.  He will also introduce you to a number of other hybrid groups heís developed in Mexico, which were produced for the tropics, such as Tropical Flowering Cymbidiums.  These are intermediate to miniature sized flowers which grow outdoors or under shade, withstanding high and low temperatures.

Finally you will be treated to a hands on demonstration of how to care for some of the more peculiar growing species and even be able to purchase plants mentioned in the talk at very reasonable prices to practice on yourself.  As Weyman says "the company is not called ABUNDA FLORA for nothing!"

Weyman Bussey will provide the raffle table and bring plants for sale.  He has a great variety of very special plants.

Check out Weyman's biography.

No pre-speaker program this month.

Slc Seagull's Apricot x Blc Fordyce Fantasy

AOS Awards
Frank Fordyce takes away two awards this month.

I've added a new page with AOS awards for DVOS members, congratulations everyone!

Slc. Seagull's Apricot

Fordyce Orchids Clearance Sale and Open House
Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21, 10am-5pm

  • Easy outdoor orchids at clearance prices - zygos, sarcochilus, cymbidium back bulbs

  • Over stock of Cattleya seedlings drastically reduced

  • Out of bloom specials

  • Lots of blooming Cattleyas and other orchids to see

Don't miss this annual event - put it in your calendar!
Fordyce Orchids at The Orchid Ranch, 1330 Isabel Ave, Livermore
(925) 447-1650 Email: Web:

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