October 2001

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Next Meeting: Thursday 8th November at 7:30pm 

Francisco Miranda  
"The Genus Laelia of Brazil"

Francisco Miranda was born in Rio de Janeiro on February 6, 1956. He has been growing orchids since 1979. The same year he received his degree in biology and he began his taxonomic studies of the orchid family in 1981. During that year, he lived in the city of Manaus, state of Amazonas, in the middle of the Amazon region. 

During 1982 he returned to Rio de Janeiro, He began field trips to Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, mainly to try to find rupiculous Laelia species in their natural habitat. Between mid 1985 and 1993 Francisco went back to Manaus, where he studied for his Master’s degree. He also made extensive field trips to Rondonia and the area of the future dam of Tucuruí, in the state of Pará. From the hundreds of herbarium specimens prepared, many new species were described in subsequent years, mostly in the genus Catasetum and Mormodes. His thesis for his Masters Degree was "section Cattleyodes of the genus Laelia". He continued to make frequent field trips to the habitats of the Brazilian laelias. 

The many years of orchid hunting have resulted in many new species described, several scientific papers in magazines in Brazil, the U.S. and Germany and two books. The first book was published in Japan. 

He wrote one third of the book on orchids from the eastern coast of Brazil plus the central region and mountains of Minas Gerais and Bahia states. The second book was completed in 1996 on orchids of the Brazilian Amazon region. These two books are not taxonomic treatments, but instead illustrated guides on very interesting Brazilian areas. Since 1988, the author has been traveling at least once a year to the United States. His main purpose is to give lectures to Orchid Societies on various subjects on Brazilian orchids. 

Since 1986 he opened an orchid nursery in Rio de Janeiro, Orquidário Boa Vista, specializing in producing superior cultivars of Brazilian orchid species. Presently, he is the proprietor of Boa Vista Orchids, in new Haines City, Florida where high-quality species in the Cattleya alliance are being produced continuing the tradition of he Orquidário Boa Vista nursery in Brazil.

RAFFLE TABLE will be provided by Francisco Miranda who is known to have one of the best collections of Brazilian orchids in the world.  He will also bring select plants for sale.


Renown Bay Area orchidist Bob Hamilton will demonstrate how to deflask and plant seedlings.

www.diabloviewos.org is Born
We now have our own registered website with plenty of room for expansion (50MB) and no more ads!  I'll be able to keep the newsletters up to date and I've already added a lot more pictures to the Orchid Gallery.  I'm thinking of adding a "hints and tips" page, extracting material from the newsletters for a start, I've had some feedback that some of the tips have helped orchidists from far a field!  Now, what else, please me send suggestions (slide show, orchid pictures for wallpaper?).

Please send more pictures for the gallery.

Annual Open House
The Paph House Orchids

Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th 9am to 4pm

Paphiopedilums, in bloom, out of bloom and seedlings
Out of bloom Cymbidiums and back bulbs (many awarded)
White Belladona 'Naked Ladies' bulbs and Yellow and Orange Clivias

For directions please contact Fred or Francisco at:
      375 Warwick Avenue                                                     (510) 635-2845
      San Leandro, CA 94577                                                 paph@flash.net

Slc Seagull's Apricot x 
Blc Fordyce Fantasy

AOS Awards
Frank Fordyce takes away two awards in September.

I've added a new page with AOS awards for the Bay Area including DVOS members, congratulations everyone!

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