October 2000

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Next Meeting: Thursday October 12th
Pest Control by Tom Perlite of Golden Gate Orchids
Tom Perlite has graciously agreed to talk to us on Pest Control as well as giving a a hands on culture session.  Tom is well known for very fine hybrids of Odontoglossums, Masdevallias and Cuthbersonii.  He will provide excellent orchid information on dealing with pests as well as answering culture questions on growing in a greenhouse and home environment.  

We're very sorry to see our VP leave but we all wish Bill and Millie the best of luck in their new home (thanks for the bulbophyllum!).  Please keep us up to date with news and any pictures which I can post here for everyone (and a new email address when you get setup).

I've been traveling a fair bit with business over the last few weeks and will continue to do so, so I probably won't get the chance to make many meetings.  I expect to be getting a new laptop soon so I'll be able to do website updates on the road, we'll see...

Again, let me know if you would like an email when I make the monthly updates, send me an email at webmaster@diabloviewos.org.
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