. March 2000
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Next Meeting: Thursday,
March 9, 2000, 7:30

Guest speaker, Ron Parsons:
"Cool Growing Orchids"

Mr. Ron Parsons is a local orchid expert and an incredible photographer. Ron is well recognized for his expertise in cool growing plants (hence the topic) but I'm sure the talk will be a visual treat with a few pictures from his collection of 18,000 orchid slides!

Please click here for DVOS details and meeting location.

Masdevallia dynastes (I hope it's cool growing).
DVOS Best of Show
DVOS Takes "Best of Show" for the Second Year

DVOS won the "Best of Show" award at the San Francisco Orchid Society Show for the second year running in addition to a number of other awards (look at all those ribbons!).   I'm sure more details will follow in the newsletter. 
Click on the picture for more pictures of the winning exhibit.

February Auction

Forty or so people braved the weather to attend the February auction, led by Dennis Olivas in his inimitable style as chief auctioneer. Dan Chiappone was the second auctioneer and they were assisted by their "runners" Fay and Nancy (not that I saw too much running). The team sold over 130 plants in about 90 minutes. The plants were purchased by the society this year and the quality of the plants was excellent. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Thanks for a great job, everyone.

The raucous crowd. Dan in action. Nancy "running".
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