Diablo View Orchid Society July 2004 Awards
(Best of the Worst Grown Plants)

No Pictures this month

1st Place
Marcia and Barry Hart for a plant they thought was growing poorly but was actually doing well!


2nd Place
Nick Doe for phrag demonstrating spontaneous variegation.


3rd Place
Brian Wraxall - for a plant weirdly chewed by slugs, and politely wrapped in plastic!


I Lanced It Medallion
Beacon Lum for a Maki Die Dead orchid of indeterminate genus


Look What I Bloomed for the Very First Time
Look What I Killed For The Umpteenth Time
Mary Ann Gschwend - for bringing in the greatest number of plants.
Thank you to June judges:  Johnny Strabler, Terry Malloy and Walter E. 
Kurtz, who swear they hit the bar *after* the judging, not before!

Our awards are judged to a strict standard as outlined in the "Handout for Orchid Judging". See previous winners: July 2003, August 2003, September 2003, October 2003, November 2003, December 2003, January 2004, February 2004, March 2004, April 2004, May 2004, June 2004.

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